Guy Soucy - Health & Wellness Coach

I Help People 

Get Back on Track

Mentally, Physically 

& Spiritually



For over 16 years, Guy Soucy's life mission is to help individuals get back on track mentally, physically & spiritually. 

His holistic and integrative approach creates life-changing solutions for any individual who wants to drastically improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health. 


  • General Health & Well-Being

  • Weight Loss & Physical Fitness

  • Stress & Anxiety Management

With a strong background in overall health, nutrition, physical fitness, and «mind hacking» strategies, he will teach and guide you on how to do things the right way the first time.

  • Health & Wellness Coach

  • Personal & Group Fitness Instructor

  • Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach

  • Certified Hypnotherapist & NLP Prac.

  • Naturotherapist (ANQ)

  • Black Belt Shotokan Karate

  • Coach at the 2008 ISKF World Karate Championship

Mentally Calm...

Physically Fit...

Spiritually Connected


This multidisciplinary professional is a precious gem for those who wish to achieve a better quality of life and reach their full potential.

Leah M, Director of HR

His sensitivity & empathy makes him

a very authentic

coach and mentor.

He has a natural talent for “connecting” deeply with people. Guy has completely transformed my life.

Valerie L, Teacher

He's the real deal!  If you're looking for someone who will get you back shape the right way the first time, he's your "guy"...

Michael R, Triathlete

Over 4000+  

Workouts Instructed...

16+ Years of

Coaching Experience...

1000's of Lives Transformed!

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Weight Loss, Physical Fitness, Stress & Anxiety Relief,

General Well-Being

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